Digital campaign

Example: Audi E-Tron launch campaign. Spanning over six-month this digital campaign included a viral mystery kick-off, an information campaign in various social media channels, infotainment apps, offline-to-online events and a digital call-to-action for test drives. The campaign data was tracked in real-time in order to continuously adapt activities based on new insights.
My responsibility: strategy, creative concept, monitoring of implementation and data implementation, reporting.

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Influencer campagne

Example: Influencer campaign ‚Lord of the Fjords‘ for the Norwegian Tourism Board. To start with selected influencers took part in a battle-for-entry to be invited to a trip to Norway. The in this phase created viral content reached a huge target group at no extra cost. Finally two super-influencers were selected for the trip to Norway where they produced creative film content, publishing it on their own channels, as well as on the channels of the Norwegian Tourism Board. The audience who followed the campaign then decided who was crowned Lord of the Fjords.
My responsibility: digital strategy, concept, creative implementation and reporting.

ATL Advertising campaign

Example: Continental tire TV commercial for a new high-performance tire (APAC area). This life action / cartoon crossover spot plays with the imagination and feeling that motorists (mainly men) develop when using such a sports tire – there’s a bit of a racing driver in everyone … The cartoon racing scenes were designed in the Michel Vaillant style of the 50s and 60s.
My responsibility: creative concept, art direction and implementation support from storyboard to final edit, client contact.

Social Media Campaign

Example: Swiss Airlines social media campaign for a direct flight from Beijing to Zurich. The aim of this digital campaign was to infiltrate offline areas, such as apartments or offices, get participants to share images online in order to promote this new direct flight. The campaign called on participants to redesign and take pictures of the Swiss Airlines logo (as seen on the tail fin of an aircraft) with red and white PostIts. The campaign was such a success that we won an Effie for it.
My responsibility: strategy, creative concept, implementation support, client contact.

Data Tracking

Example: Audi influencer tracking to create an independent influencer database. Via Social Media Platform APIs we pulled data from on social media active people to see if they had any potential to become an active influencer for the Audi brand. With the platform created by our agency, we were able to see how potential influencers developed over a longer period of time. The list of candidates created after one year was forwarded to Audi to contact the best candidates directly.
My responsibility: data tracking strategy, connection with data and platform design team, reporting, customer contact.Meine Verantwortung: Data Tracking Strategie, Verbindung mit Data und  Platform Design Team, Reporting,  Kundenkontakt.

Offline-to-online event

I’ve created some events with online integration. Here is an example of a small but creative event for Switzerland Tourism where participants could send their mobile phones on a trip.

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